Awesome Friday Roundup: Holiday Links Edition.

Boy you get to enjoy Thanksgiving for about the length of a turkey and stuffing coma and then, bang, it’s Christmas.

Holiday TV Special-tacular. The full list is here. From such highlights as How the Grinch Stole Christmas on ABC on December 23rd to such WTF moments as Dec 18th’s Wrestlemania Holiday Special on My Network TV. Awesome.

Addendum: Expanded listing with write-ups and holiday-themed TV episodes from The Star. Awesome!

Pump Up the Economy. Check out the post-T day deals here with Black Friday Deals. Awesome.

The Other Thanksgivings. Yes, other countries have holidays too. But theirs are weird. Awesome!

Thanksgiving Day Cartoon. Columbus kicks ass and history gets mangled in this comic. Awesome from Holy Taco.

Walken Tall. Christopher Walken’s 12 Days of Xmas. Awesome from Cracked.

Holiday Cheer(leaders). Perhaps the only thing watchable about Thursday’s games. Awesome from Sports, Crackle, Pop.

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